Shree Nityananda Education Trust

Nityananda with the People

Inspired by Bhagwan Nityananda, the Board governing the Shree Nityananda Education Trust dreamt of building a secure retreat center that would welcome people from all over the world to bathe in the spiritual energy of this sacred area. This dream has been realized in the Fire Mountain Retreat Center.

Shree Nityananda Education Trust was founded in 2005 to provide basic educational, medical, and agricultural support to impoverished communities in the Tansa River Valley, Maharashtra, India.  SNET strives to provide inspiration and hope to these communities through programs that encourage individuals and groups to become self-sustaining.  Because the needs of these people are so great, relatively small efforts can bring about significant changes. Your support, in the form of a tax-free donation, helps SNET in its efforts to help those who face a life of hardship and economic oppression.



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SNET has been teaching women to sew for six years.  After hearing the women complain about not having a way to make money for their family's needs, SNET decided to start a Women's Art Workshop, Padukas.

For two years we have been training up to 30 women in quilt making, patchwork, jackets,  hand embroidery, coiled fabric purses, placemats and various other handicrafts.


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