What To Bring

 Suggested Packing List:

  • Light clothing, such as cotton and silk
  • Walking shoes &/or slip-on sandals for removing at temple doors
  • Sunglasses and spare glasses if you wear them
  • Hat (protect you from the sun)
  • Energy snacks, protein bars
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Bug spray/lotion 
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, suntan lotion, special must-have cosmetics & tolietries (nearest medical store 20 mins away.)
  • Personal Medical Kit (items to consider):
    Aspirin,Vitamins, moist towelettes, instant hand sanitizer (Purel), shampoo, soap, towel, extra prescription drugs (if necessary), All purpose full-spectrum anti-biotic (just in case; consult your doctor)
  • Passport/money case (one that hides on your body is preferable)
  • Electrolyte packets 
  • Personal water bottle for refilling with Fire Mountain reverse osmosis water

Traditional Clothing, Please: 

Nimboli and Ganeshpuri are rural villages where clothing is very traditional. Please leave your more revealing western-style clothes back at home and bring clothes that are modest. It is considered extremely disrespectful to wear anthing revealing in a place of worship or sadhana. Visiting Ganeshpuri is a sacred pilgrimage site to those who visit, so we suggest that women bring clothes that cover your shoulders and your bottom. Men are advised not to wear shorts. Fire Mountain Retreat Center is respected as a place of sadhana and the dress code is the same here.

We realize that there is a disparity between what men and women are allowed to wear. As you see in the photos, men are often seen wearing a wrap around their waists and are shirtless. This is acceptable in Indian culture.  We kindlly suggest that you avoid making this a point of contention. Obviously you are coming to bathe your soul in the rich spiritual ground of India and not to engage in a political or cultural battle and be a distraction to yourself and others. Please dress accordingly and return to your opportunity to do sadhana at the foot of the Siddha Lineage Pillar. If you wish to make a difference to the plight of women in our area, we have opportunites for seva in the area of Women Empowerment (SNET).

If you do not have appropriate clothing for this area, you can easily buy a few long tops, loose pants for meditation and maybe even a saree at the local stores in Ganeshpuri or when you first arrive in Mumbai. We can recommend a few local stores for you to visit.


Travel light! Less luggage means less need for skycaps and easier trips through airport terminals. Prior to packing, make a list of everything you want to take and check-off each item as it is packed. This will help make sure that you don’t forget anything. Keep your medications, jewelry, keys, wallets, eyeglasses, tickets, passports, cameras, and other valuables with you in your carry-on bag. Placing garments in plastic bags (like those you get from a dry cleaner before folding and packing help prevent wrinkling. Rolling up pants and t-shirts like a newspaper will lessen wrinkling. Placing rolled-up socks and other soft clothing inside shoes will save space and help the shoes keep their shape. Don’t over pack your luggage. Over packing can wrinkle clothing and cause baggage to rip or pop open during handling and transport. Put anything that might spill, break and stain your clothing into enclosable plastic bags or unbreakable containers.